We manage over 300 head of the finest Mustangs the Land has to offer. Our ranch started as the betrothal promise of our Founder, Darien Savoie. In his earnest endeavors to woo the woman of his dreams, a mentor, love, and best friend to Light his Way, a dream bigger than any One soul could take on. The Mustangs were threatened, their grazing pastures on BLM lands revoked like the Tribes before them they are struggling to hold the last “Reservations.” This pushgave birth to The Vision. One Land under the sky from horizon to horizon, inviting all the old Ways and Traditions to share around the fire their memories. We are that place, with yurts, tipis and cabins all for our family, employees and friends to experience.

The True Champions of our Operation though are our Horses. There is a magic in a hoofbeat, like the carriage of a drum into a new plane, one can be birthed a thousand times anew in that song, to revive and incarnate a power within that Loves beyond all Bounds. These Champions of Heart, we award a treasured space to Shine bright for Every One. The Midnights – Our Unique Thoroughbred bloodlines – are only enhanced in the prescence of our Mustangs, and they too. In mirroring a way of the Old, a Way of Nature, and something New, we hope a little creation can happen for Me and You!

With a diversified background and many animals to support it what started with the Mustangs would soon provide Sanctuary to many of the Others in similar Danger. From the canines, to rabbits, poultry, donkeys, cattle (and relatives) there is No One left Behind.

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