Lazy “S” Plantation Cowboy School

Every Monday through Friday, after the day’s cattle work is done and before dinner; we offer an opportunity for guests to further their riding education by participating in ‘Cowboy School’ – lessons in things cowboys do for fun! Roping is always a popular activity.

Professional Cowboys

We have several teaching aids we utilize to take guests from beginner right on up to tracking live cattle. We focus our lessons so that guests can learn the correct way to handle a rope and how to handle a rope from a horse. In addition to roping lessons, Cowboy School also includes team penning, team sorting, cutting, tag, cowboy handball, barrel racing, obstacle course, and other fun games that teach cattle handling skills and allow you to improve your riding while you are having fun. Our instructors are professional cowboys.  They have years of knowledge and experience and can share that knowledge with you.

Beyond a guest ranch experience, Colorado Cattle Company is committed to sharing the cowboy way, the cowboy’s knowledge and helping you to live your dream.


The Colorado Cattle Company allows you to bring your skills to the next level! Partake in these optional events at no extra charge. Every day brings a new adventure and challenge with a new event to help you improve your riding skills.EVENTS INCLUDE:
• Barrel Racing
• Team Penning
• Team Sorting
• Rope Live Steers from Horseback
• Obstacle Course

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