Sicilian Donkey

The donkey was tamed sometime before the steed. The parentage of the cutting edge homestead donkey lies in three African wild asses, the Nubian, Somali, and North African. Hybridization between the Nubian and Somali brought about the present local donkey. There are three types of donkey perceived by North American registries; the Miniature, Standard, and Large Standard.


The Sicilian donkey is a small type of household donkey, standing just 28-38 inches tall at the withers. They as a rule weigh somewhere in the range of 250 and 450 pounds. The most widely recognized shading is gray, however they can extend from dark, brown, chestnut, white, or spotted. The Sicilian breed is noted for a cross-formed stamping along the back start at the base of the neck. Legend says that Jesus rode a Sicilian donkey and that is the purpose behind the cross-formed checking.

Note the cross upon the withers

Characteristic History

Household donkeys have held a considerable measure of the animosity of the wild progenitors. In the event that a gathering of donkeys is assaulted, they will shape a circle and battle the predator with their hooves. However the Sicilian donkey is known for its sweet, loving manner. Donkeys are exceptionally social animals and need the organization of different donkeys or creatures. As opposed to prominent sentiment, donkeys are not imbecilic animals. They are in reality exceptionally shrewd yet can regularly be adamant. Donkeys are exceedingly impervious to ailment and stay sound even into maturity which can be as much as forty years and over. They are presumably the most effortless household creatures to keep up, requiring little nourishment in the connection for the measure of work they do.

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