We deal in Exotic, Working, and Wild Livestock!

Ranch Planning and Forestry

We excel at providing the long term care a ranch needs.


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Cowboy School

Preserving the Traditions of our Past is key to our daily Life.


By saving Mustangs, and training some of the highest caliber.


About us

We are here to Help you

To keep Traditions Alive from around the world we celebrate each day with the challenges we are blessed with. From the wild horses we ride, to the steers and cows we herd our days start with managing the land. In a scene that looks like the Garden of Eden we truly bring Life back into a property. By working with us you are sure to find the Aid you need. Reach out and let us know how to help.

We work to create new opportunities and strengths for our clients and employees. By creating these Anchors we team with Land Mods to provide the sanctuaries that embody these Creations. Our process leads to an everlasting abundance that will leave your family a legacy of wealth strategies, a beautiful estate, and a peaceful way of life. Join Lazy S Plantation Today!


Birds on Lazy S Plantation

Lazy S Plantation boasts a vast cluster of transitory fowl species at various times of the year. Vast tracts of environment are home to an assortment of Oklahoma


The donkey was tamed sometime before the steed. The parentage of the cutting edge homestead donkey lies in three African wild asses, the Nubian, Somali, and North African.

Exotic Bovids

The Texas longhorn is a type of cattle known for its trademark horns, which can stretch out to 120 inches tip to tip for steers and remarkable cows and bulls in the 70 to 80 inch tip to


Spanish horses have been regarded for their quality and appearance since Roman ages. The Moors attacked Spain in the Seventh Century and carried Barb horses with them. These

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Ranches Managed

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Horses Handled

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Cowboys Trained

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Cattle Wrangled


From sunup to sundown, you’ll find plenty to do at the Lazy S Plantation! We break horses, brand cattle, and build fences. We cook, we laugh and dance. And we help create the spaces for you to enjoy at your own estate!

These services include:
Dehesa Orchard Planning, Planting and Maintenance
Prairie Grass Seeding and Haying
Facilities Design, Construction and Implementation
Homestead Forest Gardens
Grass fed Dairy Practices
And so much more!


What client's say?

Steve Harvey

Livestock Dealer

LazySPlantation is really helpful and trustworthy!! Especially their staff, I liked their way of communicating and they deliver what they promise for..

Robin Maxwell

Farm Owner

LazySPlantation never disappointed me in any single case.. I'll be working with them often and they literally have the best services..


Why choose our firm?

We are the best and serve the best service.

We excel at providing the long term care a ranch needs. We start with the trees and prairie and touch the animals, and people in their hearts before we are through.

By saving Mustangs, and training some of the highest caliber, kid friendly horses we have a buddy for everyone.

Preserving the Traditions of our Past is key to our daily Life. We are proud to have shared dinner, fireside stories and success with so many.



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